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My Priorities



“Our #1 goal should be growing opportunities for

our families to prosper, not growing government.

We need effective schools, safe communities,

and an economic policy that attracts jobs.

Families deserve to keep more of what they earn.”

Priorities That Matter 

• Prioritize Budget Needs

• Reduce the Overall Tax Burden

• Ensure K-12 Dollars Reach the Classroom


Families work hard for the money paid in taxes. The state should respect, safeguard, and budget our tax dollars accordingly.


State economic policy must be focused on growing private sector jobs, providing greater opportunities for our families to prosper.


Rising home values are good, but an ever increasing tax burden because of it is not - especially for those on fixed incomes. We must find a solution that protects homeowners from out of control property tax increases.


Student success starts with quality teachers, and a rigorous curriculum.

Classroom funding, not administration, must be the priority.

Charlotte Esau and her husband Keith have called Olathe home for 30  years, raising five children and now enjoying four grandchildren. Charlotte  served 9 years on the Commission on Aging;  volunteers with the Olathe Public Library; plays flute in the Olathe Civic Band; and has been a volunteer counselor with La Leche League, an organization assisting young mothers. She also finds time to work as a genealogist, helping family and friends research their family histories. 

Paid for by Charlotte Esau for Kansas House, Charlotte Esau, treasurer.

Note: any individual, PAC, party committee, corporation, partnership, trust, organization, or association may contribute a maximum of $500 per election cycle. Contributions over $50 must be itemized; contributions over $150 must also list the occupation of the donor. Only individuals can contribute from Jan 1 to final adjournment of the Legislature (this year it was May 4, 2018) or during such time as they are in a special session (there is no special session at this time).